All of our 2013 Miss Dream Doll
Of America Delegates sold for 2013. Below is the video of the winning dolls.
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Miss Dream Doll
USA 2012
of South Carolina
Doll by
"Real pageant dolls judged by real people.
May the best doll win!"

Miss Dream Doll
Universe 2013
of Tahiti
Doll by
Ovaz Designs
Miss Dream Doll
World 2013
of Venezuela
Doll By
Ovaz Designs
Miss Cher
America 2013
of Mississippi
Doll by
Miss Dream Doll
Earth 2013
of Fiji
Doll By
Ovaz Designs
Click on the winning delegates below to watch a
video of their pageant and their crowning moment.

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2013 Miss Dream Doll
of America Delegates
(All Have Been Sold)
2014 Miss Magnolia
State Delegates

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