Miss Washington 2013 is one of fifty-one delegates that has the chance to be chosen as Miss Dream Doll of America 2013. If she wins the national title, her owner will receive a $300.00 cash prize; if chosen  first runner up, a $200.00 cash prize; second runner up a $100.00 cash prize; and if chosen as third or fourth runner up a $50.00 cash prize. Runners up will also receive a custom monogrammed banner with their award. The winning doll will also receive a banner and custom made doll crown along with a beautiful custom made life size turquoise crown and monogrammed banner for her owner. The Top Fifteen semi-finalists will be announced and then narrowed down to the Top Ten and then the prestigious Top Five. The 2013 Miss Dream Doll Pageant will be judged by a panel of ten judges consisting of pageant winners and pageant industry professionals. The pageant will be judged and filmed before any of the delegates are sold. No one will know who the Top Fifteen are until all dolls have been sold on ebay. After the last doll is sold, the video will be released and winners will be notified. Unlike other doll pageants, this is the fairest way to make sure everyone who participates has an equal and fair chance to win. By putting the dolls on ebay, the highest bidder wins. Other doll pageants have sold their best dolls to their best customers to make sure they have an advantage. At Dollpageants.com, our motto is "Fun, Fair and Fabulous" because it is 100% fair. Dollpageants.com is being sponsored by Christopher Shannon Pageant Productions, Inc. with over 23 years in the business. Good luck to everyone and happy bidding!  Maybe YOU will be one of the first 51 people in America to own one of the premiere 2013 Dream Doll of America collectible pageant delegates.